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olofkstekern, kc5tja: I hopefully get the slides tomorrow, but the short story is that nvidia wanted a replacement for their CPU, evaluated a few options (including different ARM cores and building a new arch), and came to the conclusion that it would be best to build their own risv-v core00:02
olofkkc5tja: Awesome! Just let me know if you want me to take a look at your .core files00:03
pigeon_Hi all, I am looking for the VirtualBox image for the 'ordb2a-ep4ce22' board. The link on this page '' seems to be broken.10:30
olofkpigeon_: I don't think that has been maintained for many years unfortunately. Is there anything in particular you need from the image?10:33
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pigeon_I have recently inherited the board and of the material I have read that image seems to be a good place to start, It seems to contain many useful tools along with a tutorial.10:39
pigeon_olofk: It would seem ' ' does not exist anymore, was its contents moved to another location? If the image is not attainable, what is my best bet for using the board?11:11
olofkpigeon_: I have been planning to add support to build the ordb2a with FuseSoC, but never gotten around to do it. Might be a good reason to work on that11:41
olofkI can check if I have some old pre-built image around as well if you just want to get something running11:41
pigeon_olofk: Yeah if you had an old image that would be great, how can I get it from you?11:54
olofkpigeon_: I fax it over? :)11:55
olofkHa! I think I actually found one. Will send you a link11:55
olofkI haven't tested this in a few years though11:57
olofkYou will need urjtag to get it on the board11:57
olofkah.. you need a bsdl file too11:57
olofkThat's an archive with the image, bsdl file and urjtag scripts11:59
olofkCan't rememer exactly how to run urjtag, but it's probably something like "jtag jtag.cmd" or "jtag -c jtag.cmd"12:00
olofkGot to run12:00
blueCmdolofk: wooo!12:07
pigeon_olofk: or send a pigeon! Thanks, much appreciated!12:08
ZipCPUIs there a simple way to reason through/about CPU pipeline stalls?  My pipeline stall logic is ... becoming more and more confused every day.15:40
olofkI would sat that's one of the hard parts where all you get all your corner cases unfortunately15:51
ZipCPUI think that's what I'm discovering.  :/15:59
ZipCPUAt least I think I've weeded the corner cases out of the instruction cache--that's another problematic one.15:59
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