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blueCmdwallento: did the transfer work?01:11
olofStarted looking into some semi-completed refactorings of wb_sdram_ctrl and wb_altera_ddr_wrapper that I did two years ago02:58
olofThis is a deep deep rabbit hole03:04
bandvigHello all. Let's return to problem with internal compiler error we discussed here
bandvigI've tried again to compile NewLIB by modification newlib_cflags with adding -mhard_float.13:39
bandvigI've found that the same error occurs while compiling "/newlib/newlib/libm/math/ef_scalb.c" (In function ‘__ieee754_scalbf’).13:39
bandvigThe function declaration "float __ieee754_scalbf(float x, float fn)".13:39
bandvigAdditionally, I see, that a lot of files were successfully compiled from the same directories before the error occurs.13:40
bandvig It looks like the problem files (ef_scalb.c, cprojf.c) include "fdlibm.h" while successfully compiled files don't.13:40
olofkHmm.. bandvig is gone17:30
olofkI made some progress on the hard-float bug17:30
olofkIf I'm not here tomorrow, could someone paste him this
olofkThat fails.17:33
olofkIf I remove the -isystem line, compilation works fine. It also works fine if I remove -mhard-float, or if I pass a constant directly, e.g. isinf(0.0) instead of isinf(f)17:34
olofkInterested in knowing if others can reproduce the bug17:35
olofkBug is that gcc crashes with an internal error17:35
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