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jeremybennettolofk: Rather a late reply, but sounds more likely to be some Joern's work. I'll ping him to see if he'll join this channel03:27
stekernolof: all the floating point set flag stuff was done by that (hard to get hold of) girl iirc04:58
olofstekern: Aha05:05
olofDo you have any idea how to make gcc emit them?05:05
stekernumm, I haven't read the full backlog, afair they were emitted?05:06
olofgcc gets an internal error05:06
olofMy suspicion is that it's caused when gcc emits cbranchsf405:06
olofBecause that calls another function, which says in a comment that it's only valid for integers, not floating point05:07
stekernbut is that for some particular piece of code, or does that hold for all float sf instructions?06:41
olofstekern: Not a clue06:56
olofkIn case you missed the social media coverage, eliask wrote another blog post on his GSoC project
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