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olofstekern: Thanks for merging the mor1kx fixes. Perhaps time for a 4.2 soon? :)03:10
olofI got my home internet connection fixed yesterday. I had ~60% packet loss, now I have 0%03:14
olofUnfortunately, 0 is also the number of packets that I have been able to receive or send since then :(03:16
SMDhomeolof: I hope I have time to implement PCU and another predictor(this time w/o issues <_<) before 4.2 is out)03:18
olofSMDhome: Nice. I guess it's up to stekern mostly when to do the release03:33
olofBut it looks like there won't be a 4.2. The version reg is already set to 5.0 :)03:33
olofmafm: You'll be at the risc-v conf?04:48
mafmolof: yup04:48
olofGuess I'll see you there then :)04:48
mafmolof: sure!  are you attending as part of a "company", or mostly for the proximity with openrisc/fossi, or...?04:51
olofWell, it's complicated. I will talk about my own project, wearing my company's logo and handing out LibreCores stickers :)05:08
mafmolof: oh, I see.  I haven't seen your name in the preliminary schedule.05:28
olofmafm: No, they put me in the poster session. Just look for a hobo in one of the corners screaming wildly about tagged releases and increasing modularity05:29
mafmolof: I see.  But did you submit a talk for 12 or 25 min?07:35
mafmolof: what's it about?07:35
olofmafm: It's about FuseSoC07:59
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