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wallentoshorne: I don't know how to handle amending to #9 the best. I opened a PR (#11) with the revert commit. I was thinking we can just add the fixed commit to this one or amend, but I don't know how exactly :)02:18
shornewallento: its ok, ill sort out05:51
shornetrying to remember why I thought that was the best change at the time05:56
shorneok, so all my change does it change global contstructor/destructor symbol for (more sofisticated linkers) to use __libc_init_array instead of old _init07:01
shorneif possible07:01
shorneit shouldnt cause those warnings about array types07:02
shornelooking into07:02
shorneInteresting, my change is in newlib, these warnings are in gcc-phase1, which doesnt depend on newlib07:21
olofkThat's strange07:22
olofkCan we check further back if the warnings were there before the __libc_init_array patch?07:22
shorneyeah, looking at it07:24
shornejust was checking a few thing, slowly :)07:24
shorneMaybe this is a thing, the newlib travis build does or1k-gcc checkout.  Which takes default branch I guess with is or1k07:38
shorneI have been working with or1k-5.3.007:38
shorneI dont see this issues with or1k-5.3.007:39
shornelet me see with or1k07:39
shorneBut, I think we might want to make or1k-5.3.0 the default branch?07:39
shorneor merge it into or1k07:39
_franck_anyone is going to ELCE ?07:40
shorneyup... I get all those errors in gcc or1k branch but not or1k-5.3.0 (not even using --with-newlib)07:43
shorneI dont think its related to my changes, unless its related to some recent binutils changes.07:45
shornebut I dont think so07:45
wallentothanks, shorne!08:10
wallentowe should move gcc to 5.3.008:10
wallentoanything against it?08:10
shornenot from me, but anyone else using 5.3.0?08:10
shorneno one has complained either way08:11
wallentookay, lets wait a day or two08:14
wallentoblueCmd, olofk, stekern?08:14
blueCmdgo ahead I say. GCC is up to what, 6 now?08:15
blueCmdit's like a year I rebased gcc for the 5 series08:16
blueCmdsince I*08:16
wallentookay, thanks, I put up the recent 6 snapshots too08:21
wallentobut I think 5.3.0 is the favorable stable version08:21
shornebrb, hopefully08:41
shornewallento: it seems my openrisc@libracores subscription never got setup, I am sure I requested before, and just requested now. Anything I do wrong?09:37
wallentoYou already sent there, right? Let me check09:38
wallentoYou are not on the members list09:39
wallentodid you check your spam?09:39
wallentoI can subscribe you manually anyways09:39
shornechecked now it worked this time, maybe I never subscribed the first time.09:42
shorneit took a while for the mail to come back09:42
shornealso, its going to "Promotions" folder strangely09:43
wallentoat least it worked now :)09:44
wallentoby the way, are you planning to come to ORCONF?09:44
shorneI am not planning yet. I really like Italy though09:45
wallentowould be great to meet you there. but its quite a distance, right?09:51
shorneYes, from Tokyo its quite a way.  It would be nice to meet everyone I am sure there will be some good discussions09:53
shorneThere is an Air France flight that looks reasonable09:55
olofkwallento: I have no preferences to which gcc version we should base the or1k branch on. I only use Turbo Pascal :)18:48
olofkDid you sort out all the patch stuff btw?18:49
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