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olofAnyone got this error when compiling Linux for OpenRISC?07:20
olof.tmp_kallsyms1.o: In function `kallsyms_addresses':07:20
olof(.rodata+0x0): undefined reference to `_text'07:20
ZipCPUThat looks like a linker script error.  Shouldn't the linker script define _text to something like the beginning of the _text_ segment?07:20
olofWorks now07:27
olofIt was either a problem with my defconfig, or because I compiled with -j907:27
ZipCPU"-j9"?  I can't find that anywhere in the GCC man page.  Is that an OpenRISC specific compiler option?07:31
stekernmake -j907:32
stekernI presume ;)07:32
shornemake, what version are you compiling?07:34
shorneof linux?07:34
olofHmm..It's an old version I had downloaded. Looks like it's from early last year, with my memset patch applied07:35
olofIs it worth trying latest head of openrisc/linux ?08:09
olofAnyone handy with device trees?08:48
ZipCPUNo, but I found a tutorial on them here:
stekernwhat do you want to know?09:01
olofstekern: How to declare a SPI controller without adding any slaves.09:44
olofI think spidev might be a keyword here09:47
_franck_olof: it depends which controller you want to use10:23
_franck_normally you'd go in linux/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/ to check what the binding is10:23
_franck_but basically to probe your device you need a compatible string and a reg property10:25
olofk_franck__: I think I got the controller part right. I just copied the one from the de0_nano devicetree (the usual OpenCores simple-spi core).14:45
olofkBut all spi entries in that device tree also described the slaves on that bus. I got several slaves without drivers, so I just want raw access to the bus14:46
olofkCan anyone come up with some alternative workflows to FuseSoC? HDLMake from CERN is the only one that comes to mind16:31
olofkAnd standard makefiles of course16:31
olofkSigasi perhaps, or other eclipse-based flows16:32
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