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juliusbargh, git tard alert08:49
juliusbI'm trying to update the orconf page and....08:49
juliusboh, it just said do a git pull before pusha gain08:50
juliusbyay, and ORCONF 2016 site is live!08:50
SMDhomejuliusb: thanks, great news09:41
SMDhomeCan anyone tell me what kind of presentations are expected at orconf?12:10
olofkSMDhome: We generally accept anything related to Open Source digital design. We have had presentations about IP cores, CPUs, EDA tools, build systems, operating systems, debug infrastructure and more16:26
ZipCPUHmm ... any room or interest for a ZipCPU?  Another IP architecture, designed with the sole purpose of being light on the logic?17:50
olofkZipCPU: Absolutely. Very happy to see your work presented17:59
ZipCPUDo you think they would have been as interested at RISC-V?  That workshop seemed to be focused on RISC-V only.18:00
ZipCPUI suppose that's not really a fair question to ask ... you aren't the RISC-V group, and can't really speak for them.18:00
olofkZipCPU: They are very much focused on RISC-V-specific talks. orconf tries to cater for all interesting open source projects18:07
ZipCPUThank you.  That sort of confirms my suspicions.18:08
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