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olofkshorne: I just run the command05:18
olofkOh my god, it's full of stars05:18
olofk...or maybe those are dots05:19
olofk 3130c ffffffff 00003234 00000000           ......24....05:19
shorneolofk: thanks, I think thats probably it, yours seems to have a pointer, I am guessing thats to the function that inits the vtables.  Also, I did some research..09:03
shorneit seems ctor is deprecated in favor of init_array09:03
shornefor me:09:04
shorneontents of section .init_array: 32cb4 000032b4 00002028                    ..2... (09:04
shorneI fixed the c++ issue, we need a fix in newlib/libgloss to call the new init for init_array18:24
shorneI hacked it now, but it works, need to figure out why some defines dont work18:24
shornewill send a newlib patch18:25
shorneupdated diff between olofk and me
shorneno more diff in the c++ results18:53
shorneneed to get python support working :(18:53
shorne(i fixed the hack, the patch is the same way others do it, i.e. arm)19:14
shorneolofk: The phython is for the python gdb bindings, I didnt have python devel libs installed so it skipped building19:22
shorneyes, python passing now too19:25
shorneolofk: latest diff between old and new test results:
shornelatest failure summary
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