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olofkshorne: Do you have any failed sim testcases you want me to take a look at?04:21
shorneolofk: let me upload the results. You can have a look. it looks like many are related to things like tab completion etc05:17
shorneif you want to run the test yourself, I will uplod the commands at the top05:17
shorne - gdb.sum05:20
shorne - gdb.log05:21
shornethose are the full results05:21
shornehmm, seems I hit a limit on the gdb.log upload size05:27
shornegdb.sum is all there05:27
olofkshorne: Do we even support ada? :)05:50
olofkahh.. those were marked as unsupported05:50
olofkIs 'sleep' not supported in newlib?05:52
olofkLooking at line 556 in gdb.sum05:52
olofkAnd here we would need a special case for or1k that defines nop as l.nop
olofkhmm... is newlib supposed to provide mman.h ?05:58
olofkmusl provides it05:59
olofkA few other arches supplies mman.h in their newlib machine dirs, but most don't06:01
olofkAhh.. and the reentrant wait function (_wait_r) isn't implemented in newlib06:17
olofkLooking at the failed tests in structs.{exp,c} and realize that I don't understand a thing of this :)06:33
olofkThere were 106 fails in that test, so fixing that should improve the statistics quite a bit06:35
olofkmultiple definition of `environ'06:41
olofkDon't know what to do about that one. Looks like several other arches do just like we do06:41
olofkPlenty of patches for newlib :)06:43
olofkok, or1k is the only arch to define environ in syscalls.c. Maybe it should go somewhere else06:47
olofkAnd most arches don't define it at all. What is it for?06:47
olofkIs it for setting env variables for bare-metal programs somehow?06:51
wallentomany many questions07:18
wallentomman I think we don't need, as we have no filesystem support07:19
wallentoenviron does not make sense, maybe some old artifact07:19
wallentoit can be set, but I am wondering what for07:19
wallentobut I am not sure it can be undefined07:20
olofkwallento: Only a few arches seem to define it07:33
olofkBut I guess you could use it to load env vars from a register or a fixed memory address. A bit like we do with device trees07:34
wallentoyep, I think so08:05
wallentoas long as we don't use such stuff, we probably don't need it08:05
olofkI agree. Just wasn't sure if someone actually uses this already08:09
olofkshorne: Could you paste the output from the structs test. I'm curious to know what gdb sees and what it expects08:12
olofkehhmm... how large is double on openrisc?08:17
olofkLooking at the fails in callfuncs.exp. Seems to fail with "That operation is not available on integers of more than 8 bytes." on all tests using doubles08:21
olofkDo we support double at all?08:21
olofkI vaguely remember someone saying that we could only use float08:22
olofkor is this a newlib build-time setting?08:24
olofkor gcc?08:26
olofkThis is way over my head :)08:26
olofkHmm... where does all the warning: Register ppc not updated08:55
olofkwarning: Register sr not updated08:55
olofkcome from?08:55
olofkI think that breaks at least some testcases08:55
olofkSuch as charset.exp where the tests expect that there isn't any output after running a certain command08:56
SMDwrkCan anyone tell me does openrisc have multicore version?12:13
wallentoIt can do SMP12:13
SMDwrkFully working?12:14
wallentothe mor1kx processor fully supports it with snooping cache coherency12:20
wallentoThe baremetal library (newlib) supports too, Linux also12:20
shorneolofk: thanks for going through it, let me paste that exact section.17:31
shorneolofk:,  this all of the failure logs, not much more detail than the summary17:42
shorneThis is the actual test case17:52
shorneWe should make a todo list of the failures and if we want to fix, or if we should mark unsupported17:58
olofkshorne: Agree18:03
olofkThere are probably some low-hanging fruit here, such as getting rid of the "Register {ppc,sr} not updated" and fixing some stuff in newlib18:05
olofkBut now it's time to sleep18:06
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