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wallentoshorne: I would love to go, actually I may be in the US around this time, need to double check02:11
stekernwhen/where is it?02:16
wallentostekern: begin november in santa fe03:54
shornegdb sim update: there was some logic missing for storing/getting registers which seems to be the first thing stapping the testsuite. Fixed it and implements register store/fetch10:30
shornerunning tests10:30
shornehmm, somehow it seems breakpoints dont work10:33
shorneit works on lines, but not assembly addresses10:35
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olofkshorne: Are these real bugs, or just something for the testsuites?15:51
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olofkAnd does anyone know the slightest thing about Boston? Looking for hotels/airbnb there15:53
shorneolofk: don't know much about boston, fsf is there16:22
shorneolofk: in terms of the gdb failures they are issues with the sim.16:23
shornewhen running the program we get (WARNING: l.mfspr with invalid SPR address 0x10)16:24
shorneso in the end after running all night, then cancelling the testsuite reports 1784 out of 5629 failures16:25
shornewith the or1ksim we saw 425 out of 16065 failures16:26
shorneso, not bugs with gdb, but bugs with this or1k sim16:27
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