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wallentoolofk: mmh, okay, but I would stay with v:l:n@v06:02
wallentowith n allowed and v:l:n allowed06:03
wallentoI encapsulated the string parsing in a function06:03
wallentothe overwrites are not necessary, agree06:03
wallentoI still need to rebase my branch, right? Maybe you can continue from that then to avoid diverging06:03
olofkI guess it's mostly a bikeshedding thing, but v:l:n:v would be a more common syntax06:26
shorneolofk: thanks for the mail, good to know the code is mostly complete06:40
shorneI am getting closer to getting it working06:41
shornemaking more progress on or1k cgen sim build, there is a file that is not longer the way to do things, moving into sim-main.h07:11
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shorneor1k sim builds now10:20
olofkshorne: Cool. Can you run any tests with it?16:46
shorneolofk: I was trying without much luck last night (they way to run tests with it is different from the or1ksim), Ill try more now17:16
shorneok, made a push to git. Lets see how travis likes the build18:09
shorneI need to send some patches to cgen team too18:09
shornethen Ill work on the testsuite18:10
shornewould be nice to add that to travis continuous build too18:10
shorneoh, and the build passes, but now I think of it, it didnt need the guile-1.8, thats just for cgen generation18:22
shornewhich the normal build does not do18:22
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