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olofkshorne: Just pulled your patch, with an added comment that was like ten times longer than the patch itself :)06:21
olofkshorne: Here's a WIP bare-metal driver I used for a board I worked on a while ago. It's based on some stuff that stekern did
shorne olofk thanks, I updated as per the comment too08:44
olofkshorne: Thanks. It's applied now09:03
olofkwallento: I've started preparing the FuseSoC coremanager for vlnv names now. I think it will work out fine, but you will need to rebase your fusesoc tree after I'm done09:17
wallentoolofk: how does it differ from my patches?11:38
wallentoyou plan to do keep the triplet in the core manager instead of a "full name"11:39
olofkI pushed my wip to a branch called version12:10
olofkcoremanager has an internal database now with two methods called add and find12:10
olofkInternally they are hashed on the complete v:l:n:v name, but that's just an implementation detail. Might move to a sqlite db for example if it scales badly12:11
olofkThe find method takes a vlnv tuple12:11
olofkI tried to keep the changes in the core and section files close to your patches to make it easier to rebase12:12
wallentothanks, I will rebase it th enext days then12:13
olofkNext step is to add some basic stuff to support ">=" dependencies12:14
olofkwallento: For your rebase, make sure to rename the CamelCase functions to under_score instead. The Python gods will be very upset otherwise :)12:48
olofkAlright then. GSoC is on!16:51
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