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mithroSo, you were saying that or1k was in upstream binutils now?01:47
* mithro is testing03:19
mithroIs the "most up to date" Linux which runs on the or1k?03:33
shornemithro: its pretty much. I have a 4.5 for here
mithroshorne: so, I'm interested in trying to get Linux running on the mor1k embedded on an Atlys board running inside misoc generated firmware04:20
shornemithro: I havent tried on that board04:27
shornebut its running on the de0 nano04:27
shorneI guess you just need to have a look at the .dts file and configure it for your board04:27
shornestarting with at least getting uart and memory correct04:27
mithroshorne: I guess I should work on fusesoc + Atlys board I attempt misoc+Atlys?04:28
mithroshorne: is gcc 4.9.3 okay to use?04:28
shorneI think 4.9.* should be fine I am using a 5.*, but had to do some patches which are now all merged04:29
mithroshorne: you are using fusesoc on the DE0 right?04:30
shornestekern: I just booted linux with my NO_BOOTMEM bpatch04:30
shorneyes its fusesoc04:30
shornemy host compiler is gcc 5.3.104:31
shorneor1k-elf-gcc is 4.9.204:31
mithroshorne: How is Linux+initrd loaded? Do you have a bootloader of some sort or do you embed it in FPGA gateware?04:32
shorneits via openocd04:33
shorneI never tried with a bootloader yet04:33
mithroshorne: are there "up to date" instructions somewhere?04:35
shorneI am just looking to get you a link
shornebut thats not having the openocd part04:36
shornein openocd I usually run04:36
shornehalt; load_image ../linux/vmlinux; reg r3 0; reg npc 0x100; resume04:36
mithroI was following to get a cross compiler04:36
wbxdidn't you need a musl/.. toolchain to build linux?04:37
shornewbx: I use newlib04:37
shornefor linux 4.504:37
wallentobut not for userspace, or?04:38
shornenot for userspace04:38
wallentothere are prebuilts for musl, too:
wallentoshorne: what is the issue with gcc 5.x?04:38
wbxshorne: so you need two toolchains for a complete system, right?04:38
wallentoactually not04:38
wallentoyou can also compile the kernel with the musl compiler04:38
mithroI'm not really at the stage for user space yet :P04:38
wbxwallento: yeah. i just mean in his case, not general. :)04:39
wallentobecause the startfiles etc. are not used04:39
shornewallento: no issue with 5.x now, I had some patches which you saw a few weeks ago, I was just talking about that04:39
wallentoah, okay04:39
mithrowallento: Can the musl version target "bare metal"?04:39
shorneyeah, you can compile all with musl04:39
wallentoI will give gcc 6 more code today04:39
wallentomithro: no04:39
wallentonot out of the box04:39
shorneor basics kernel + simple stuff with newlib04:39
wallentoyou will need libgloss which is in newlib04:39
wallentoso, you could run musl+libgloss+one or two functions04:40
wallentoI think, but have not tried it04:40
mithroAt the moment I have two goals, getting our lm32 based "bare metal" firmware to also compiled / operate on the or1k, second goal is to get Linux booting on our "gateware" with or1k and misoc04:41
shornewallento: there is a todo item in openrisc/linux "Consolidate usage of memblock and bootmem..."04:41
shorneI think I just got it working, been spending last week or so figuring out how it works04:41
wallentoI have never heard of it :)04:42
wallentoSpent the last hours with understanding modern websites and how they are built04:42
wallentoporting GCC seems fun compared to this ;)04:42
wallentono, symfony and pubsubhubhub and all those apis and javascript stuff04:43
wallentoI somehow lost track of this after PHP+MySQL in 2004 :)04:43
shorneAre you going to start writing a new clean-room gcc port?04:43
wallentono, I won't04:44
wallentotoo much on my plate for such a venture04:44
shorneyeah, new web technology moves too quickly to keep up with. If you lose track for a month you are out dated04:44
mithroWell, I'm going to go play some computer games while this gateware builds04:53
mafmanybody here related to the PULPino project?16:58
andrzejrolofk, pushed to
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