IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2016-03-20

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shornewallento: cool, have you been testing all of your toolchain updates? Did you have a chance to add sim to gdb?00:03
wallentoshorne: oh, sim is still missing03:54
wallentowill have a look at it today03:54
wallentoI ran RTEMS on the DE0 nano03:54
wallentowill add this to the tutorial03:54
shornewallento: cool04:52
shorneI have been playing with memcpy optimization for linux... something is bit strange04:57
shorneI couldn't really figure out how to use the or1ksim mprofile, so I just did trace and grepped for load/store instructions05:05
shornenice, finally fixed some stupid bugs in my memcpy06:51
shorneboot time went from 7.8 seconds to 5.8 seconds06:51
olofkshorne: That's a nice improvement09:23
shorneolofk: doing a bit more testing10:02
shornebut thanks10:02
shorneyeah, so I wrote it assuming most copies would be aligned. but its not true, so if I fix the non aligned copies then that will help more (like microblaze)10:16
wallentohey all13:19
wallentoI have started GCC 6:
wallentoIt builds now, but needs testing ofc13:20
mafmwallento: \o/13:47
wallentoPrebuilt binaries for experimenting14:53
olofkwallento: You got feedback on the verilator patch18:12
olofkMy mor1kx-based SoC is running through P&R with the yosys/arachne-pnr/icestorm toolchain18:37
olofkFailed to route :(18:41
olofkProbably need to slim it down a bit18:41
olofkoh well. That's for tomorrow18:41
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