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mithroTimVideos got into GSoC too, and we are very interested in what is happening around or1k / openrisc stuff00:45
mithroOur current HDMI2USB firmware uses the lm32 architecture because it had better upstream GCC+BinUtils support, I was wondering how that was going for or1k?00:45
mithroI'm wondering if there is a way for us to collaborate in GSoC too00:55
mafmmithro: probably most people in this channel will be asleep at this time00:57
mithromafm: I assume people will read the channel backlog?00:57
mafmwallento is the one organising the gsoc for openrisc00:57
mithrowallento: See my comments above. If I'm not around, feel free to contact me at or jump on the #timvideos IRC channel00:58
mafmmithro: presumably, but just informing you if you want to chat to them in real time00:58
mithrothat reminds me, I still have that partially written bot which syncronized the data from opencores to the freecores github repo. I seem to remember that some of the developers here were involved in setting that up....00:59
mithroI can probably organise things like Opsis boards ( for doing or1k work on if they suitible overlap with our goals too.01:02
wallentohi mithro: cool, sounds great08:49
wallentowe are very interested in cooperating, I will also drop you a mail08:50
mithrowallento: so, lowRISC and FOSSi are both some way related to or1k ?08:50
wallentolowRISC not08:50
wallentolowRISC is solely based on risc-v08:50
wallentobut there is an overlap in the communitis08:51
wallentoand the overall goal is the same (FOSSi)08:51
mithrorisc-v is another "open risc instruction set"?08:51
mithroIt's been a while since I've looked into all this stuff08:51
wallentoit seems to become _the_ open ISA08:51
wallentothey have a lot of traction and (financial) support08:52
wallentobut I still see a place for the OpenRISC community, especially the community part is much different08:52
wallentobut we for example have dropped our ambitions for an or2k ISA08:53
mithrobtw - Is or1k support in upstream gcc/binutils yet?08:55
wallentobinutils yes08:55
wallentogcc no08:55
mithrowallento: Any idea if that is still progressing / likely to eventually happen?08:56
wallentowe have a problem with copyright assignments08:56
wallentoit is still a topic, but not progressing08:56
wallentoone escape plan we have is to get a GSoC student that starts from scratch08:57
wallentoso if you happen to know someone masochistic ;)08:57
mithroha :)09:00
mithroWe are using the lm32 in our HDMI2USB firmware mainly because of the upstream gcc support09:01
mithroDoes RISC-V have gcc upstream support?09:02
wallentonot yet, but they have the advantage that they are at the start09:03
wallentoso everyone is around and has already submitted is, but I don't track this stuff closely09:03
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