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mafmwallento: when do gsoc approved orgas will be announced?15:02
wallentomafm: monday15:37
mafmwallento: :)15:42
mafmdid you get in contact with lowrisc people in the end?15:42
wallentoyeah, we had contact all the time19:52
wallentoI am mentor in lowRISC19:52
mafmwallento: so did lowrisc also applied this year for gsoc as well?20:36
mafmI got the impression the other day that they hand't20:37
wallentomafm: They have as far as I know20:39
mafmoh, I see20:39
mafmthat's nice :)20:40
wallentoquite a few have applied20:40
wallentoparallella also20:40
mafmwallento: I guess that the info (ideas list, etc) is not public until the results are announced?20:45
wallentofor lowrisc and fossi it is there, but not linked20:46
mafmok, curious about adapteva20:48
mafmthe guy wanted to base the next chips on risc-v20:48
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