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olofkandrzejr: I pushed a patch to FuseSoC's xsim support to allow simulating stuff that contains $clog222:01
andrzejrgood, thank you22:02
olofkYou need to set file_type = SystemVerilogSource in the verilog section for those cores. I'll push a patch for orpsoc-cores that adds this to wb_bfm-1.022:13
olofkAs a side note, it is now also possible to set file type and if the file is an include file for each file by adding file.v[is_include_file] or file.v[file_type=verilogSource]22:15
olofkMultiple options are comma-separated. e.g. file.v[is_include_file, file_type=systemVerilogSource]22:15
olofkThis is unfortunately not backwards-compatible, as older versions of FuseSoC will read the whole string as a single file22:16
olofkAs usual FuseSoC documentation is available at :)22:28
olofkHmm... just realized that spaces aren't allowed so it should be file.v[is_include_file,file_type=systemVerilogSource]22:33
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