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juliusbis this new?
_franck__juliusb: found on their website: "We are becoming friends with OpenRISC folks and regularly exchange emails"13:01
_franck__aren't you one of the OpenRISC folks ?13:01
mafmdoes anybody know if there's a port of GCC 5.x (not 4.9) for or1k?13:52
wbxmafm: yes. musl-or1k is gcc 5 based13:58
mafmonly musl, or also libc?13:59
wbxmafm: eh. musl is a libc.14:15
wbxmafm: can you explain which libc you wanna use?14:16
mafmwbx: sorry, I meant gnu libc14:17
wbxjuliusb: it is not very old. i have a numato board and linux boots ;)14:17
mafmgithub or1k-gcc has a branch for 5.x, it seems14:17
wbxmafm: there is no gnu libc support IIRC.14:18
wbxmafm: newlib, musl or uClibc14:18
wbx <- seems not very active14:21
mafmwbx: I see, thanks14:23
wbxmafm: i even think there is nothing implemented, sysdeps does not contain or1k dir. but i may be wrong14:25
GeneralStupidolofk_: i will change what you told me, but how do i have to do that. Is it ok if there are two commits in my fork or should i stash them together?14:26
mafmor1k-glibc used to work14:27
_franck__GeneralStupid: there is still de1 reference in your patch14:44
wbxmafm: you have it running on sim/qemu or real hardware?14:45
GeneralStupid_franck__: that shouldnt be there14:45
GeneralStupid_franck__: just the comments i guess?14:46
_franck__can't remember, just grep for de115:00
GeneralStupid_franck_: just comments, but ill fix that15:05
GeneralStupid_franck_: thanks for that review15:15
juliusb_franck__: ah yes that's right someone mentioned these guys a while ago16:41
mafmwbx: qemu, in the past17:07
olofk_juliusb: I contacted them april last year. They seemed interested in orconf. Asked them again in september, but they never came back20:56
olofk_I still haven't figured out why they claim to be friendly with the OpenRISC people. Haven't heard anyone who have talked to them20:57
-!- olofk_ is now known as olofk20:58
olofk_franck_: Finally (hopefully) fixed the mor1kx-generic problems22:28
_franck_olofk: I just tried it and it now compiles22:42
_franck_however I have this message: ERROR: ../src/wb_common/wb_common.v:17:                    0 : Illegal Wishbone B3 cycle type (xxx) Time: 0 Scope: orpsoc_tb.dut.wb_bfm_memory0.wb_is_last22:42
olofk_franck_: Yes. That's a bit annoying, but I haven't bothered to fix that22:42
olofkNothing to worry about though.22:43
olofkThanks for testing22:43
olofkGood night22:43
_franck_de2 build fine too22:45
_franck_good night22:45
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