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olofkblueCmd: You're good with Python, right?14:12
robtaylorolofk: I'm not too bad, can I help?14:27
robtaylor(though be warned I've recently been learning haskell and that is *mangling my brain* =))14:28
poke53281When Python came out I hoped, that it will vanish as fast as it came. Perl was more than enough. Still waiting ....14:30
poke53281But well, finally I should take a closer look.  But it does like any other language.14:32
poke53281... does look like ...14:33
robtaylorpython's ok, I don't like using it for large projects as I find duck-typing makes for difficult code comprehension14:37
mafmduck-typing and duct-taping look worryingly similar14:46
juliusbpython's great, what's the problem?14:48
juliusbhorses for courses; you wouldn't write avionics control code in it, but if you did you'd probably get it done a lot sooner14:49
robtaylorNext up I need to spend some time with 'Go'14:53
mafmjuliusb: just attempting to make a pun, in fact so far Python is my favourite among the similar languages14:56
mafmrobtaylor: don't know much about Go, but I think that it doesn't allow or work well with dynamic libraries15:05
mafmwhich limits its usefulness quite a bit15:06
robtaylormafm: not sure what you mean, you can write shared libs in go, and use shared libs from go, afaict :)15:15
robtaylor(since 1.5)15:15
olofkmafm: Loved the duct-taping part :)15:16
olofkrobtaylor: I think I found the answer online. I wanted to catch the AttributeError when trying to use a non-existent class in a module, and instead make it return a customized class15:17
olofkGuido himself answered, so I'll go with his suggestion15:18
robtaylorolofk: ah, that's pretty funky!15:20
olofkApparently the solution is to replace the module in the global namespace with a class instead. Damn sneaky!15:21
mafmrobtaylor: ah, ok.  I heard that in comments attempting to make packages in Debian for go, but it was a while ago15:25
robtaylormafm: ah, yeah 1.5 was relatively recently15:29
robtaylorolofk: that is defintly sneaky - i suspect it might violate PoLS..15:30
robtaylorpriciple of least suprise15:34
olofkNot completely sold on that. It clashes with PoWTF16:01
olofkA very powerful principle used in most software I have encountered16:02
olofkAlso in my own software after I have been away from it for a while16:02
robtaylorolofk: hehe :)16:06
robtaylorhi Dariost21:23
DariostDoes anyone know if there is a way to make gcc output openrisc binary code contained only in the basic instruction group?21:28
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