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stekernandrzejr_: you should never use B3_READ_BURSTING with mor1kx cappuccino03:12
stekernalways use B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK03:12
stekernB3_READ_BURSTING is for the espressos, to support i-fetching with bursting without a cache03:13
stekernto be clear, B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK do bursting too03:15
-!- orsonmmz|away is now known as orsonmmz06:39
andrzejr_I see. So the problem is solved.07:15
andrzejr_B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK indeed does bursting. I must have got it wrong when I looked into it a couple of months ago.07:23
robtaylormsim: thanks :)14:38
robtaylorumm, that was meant for another channel =)14:38
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