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poke53281Got an email from Fabrice Bellard. Told me, that he ported his code to asm.js code and that I need to revise my benchmark :)17:51
daliaswhich code?17:52
daliaslinux.js or something?17:52
dalias(his x86 emulator)17:52
daliasor does he have an or1k one?17:52
poke53281But he admitted, that my emulator is still faster :)17:54
poke53281The benchmark is not perfectly valid. Because I might compare different kernel images with different urandom generators.17:58
poke53281Also gzip and bzip2 might be from busybox or the standalone one.17:58
daliasto make it more meaningful you'd want to build at least the same userspace for both17:59
daliase.g. using buildroot or something18:00
poke53281Additional, benchmarks with Javascript are difficult. The variation is pretty high.18:01
poke53281Yeah, but this is too much effort. Maybe something with awk.18:02
poke53281There might be also assembler fastpaths for x86 at some places. For example in gzip and bzip2.18:03
poke53281Anyhow, the difference between the emulators is/was pretty high. So, the main statement of the benchmark was valid.18:04
poke53281Any other well known bash commands, which can be used this way for benchmarks?18:05
poke53281Good, wrote him, that I don't think, that he can beat jor1k ..... ever ..... .19:07
poke53281And if he accepts the challenge ;-)19:07
daliaspoke53281, :)22:20
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