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maxpalnhowdy all - been a while07:56
maxpalnUnfortunately, I won't be able to make orconf this year - and CERN would have been a cool place to visit. Our new baby is consuming far too much time already - have a good one though.07:58
maxpalnI didn't jump online just to tell you that though :-) I have a question about context switching - one of my customers using the MOR1KX is seeing occassional instances where context switching takes a long time, this is resulting in a timeout further down their sw chain. The version of MOR1KX they are using is probably around 1 year old (the last firmware update I gave them). I remember a bunch08:01
maxpalnof work was done last year on areas around this (to support multi-cores IIRC). I am wondering if we could expect to see any difference in the way context switching occurs if I updated to the latest MOR1KX code?08:01
maxpalnWe were also wondering if increasing the size of the instruction cache would help - we have spare memory in the device but if there is no advantage to increasing the instruction cache depth we won't bother investigating.08:02
juliusbmaxpaln: sorry to hear you can't make it along this year09:13
juliusbthere's always next year, though!09:13
juliusband regarding mor1kx context switching, can you quantify how long in terms of clocks or relative to the amount of time it normally takes (ie. it's taking 4 times as long)09:15
juliusband what is the context switch code doing?09:15
juliusbpurely switching state? not polling anything that could make it stall for a while?09:16
maxpalnboth excellent questions - I will try and get more details but this has arrived to me through a few intermediate engineers so the detail has been lost. The engineer who reported it should have some good detail though - let me see if I can get more information...09:17
juliusbcool. I don't know how much help I can be, btw, having not inspected the code for a while, but being able to pinpoint the source of the latency might give you an idea of where you might benefit from any changes that have subsequently gone in09:28
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