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GeneralStupid 10:38
GeneralStupidSorry, :) Hi again10:38
GeneralStupidhi _franck_10:47
GeneralStupidyou mailed me?10:47
GeneralStupid_franck_: i thought the git history would be important ;)11:10
GeneralStupidis there a way to run wb_intercon_gen manually?11:50
andrzejryou mean: python wb_intercon_gen ../../data/wb_intercon.conf wb_intercon.v ?11:58
GeneralStupidwhere is that script?11:59
GeneralStupidin the wb_intercon core...12:00
GeneralStupidi think an update "Target" option would be a nice idea12:01
_franck_GeneralStupid: I did not mailed you. I just commented your pull request14:21
andrzejrwhat happens when the cpu attempts to access an invalid wb address? Currently I am using a debug core, which contains a timeout counter (watchdog) so I simply get an error. Does it mean the actual cpu would hang/freeze?16:37
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GeneralStupid_franck_: so, i get your comment by mail.19:02
GeneralStupid_franck_: i thought the history would be good... Is there an "easy" way to do this? And do i need to do the pull request again?19:02
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andrzejrGeneralStupid, "git diff <reference_branch>" to produce the patch. You can then apply it to a new branch, push it and do a pull request, or maybe just mail it to _franck_19:11
_franck_GeneralStupid: or if you want to clean your history on you working branch, you can "git rebase -i from_where_you_started_to_work"19:28
_franck_then put a "s" in front of each commit you want to squash19:29
GeneralStupid thanks20:07
GeneralStupidi will try that20:07
veprweird thing. domain has expired, but I still get emails from the mailing list.20:20
veprwhom should I ping? @juliusb, were you running that site?20:21
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