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andrzejrI have run some simulations of byte and half-word access - there seem to be multiple bugs canceling each other.20:44
andrzejrstekern_, assuming l.lbz r7.0x1003(r3), what should wb_adr and wb_sel look like? I was expecting 0x????1000 and 0x8 respectively, but mor1kx issues 0x????1003 and 0x1. Are bus slaves expected to deal with unaligned access after all?20:52
andrzejrwb_interconn is (partially) dealing with that but the results is still imo incorrect: l.lwz r7,0x1000(r3) and l.lbz r7,0x1003(r3) result in different values in r721:06
andrzejre.g. 0x12000000 and 0x00000012 respectively. Which one is correct?21:08
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