IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2015-07-09

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p1oooopolofk: alright.11:20
p1oooopolofk: I'd offer to help myself (with a bit of sweet, sweet guidance... of course) -- but I'm on a bit of a codeblock right now. :/11:21
p1oooopI'm going to assume that attaching an SD card to the de0_nano build is just that...14:19
p1oooop(and I might have to write a bootloader for loading vmlinuz?)14:20
p1oooopoh thank goodness. I don't have to write it myself.14:21
p1oooophey guys, how can I watch what Linux is doing with my GPIOs?16:09
p1oooop(my little board lights are blinking, and I don't know why)16:10
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