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stekernit shouldn't make any difference if you compile u-boot with a newlib or uclibc or musl based toolchain06:08
bandvigstekern: I suspect the same. I even had got idea to check that, but nowdays I prefer to working with pipeline.08:04
Ace_Hi guys. I'm trying to get openocd working with an altera de0 nano board. I've managed to flash it using fusesoc pgm de0_nano but when running openocd (latest from git) I just get that the specified usb interface was not found (usb_blaster). The usb blaster interface is available when doing lsusb. Running ubuntu 14.04 32 bit. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this?12:32
_franck__Ace_: may something to do with udev rules12:43
_franck__^look at the end (never tried that)12:45
GeneralStupidAce_: hi12:55
GeneralStupidAce_: try killing jtagd and restart it as root...12:55
GeneralStupidAce_: its located in the quartus/bin directory12:55
Ace_Neither of the suggestions unfortunately worked :(12:57
Ace_does it make sense to try with the proprietary libftd2xxx driver?12:58
GeneralStupidso a  quartus_pgm -l plz12:58
_franck__Ace_: did you try to run openocd as root ?12:58
_franck__so there is may be a problem with your libftdi/libusb install, you should ask PaulFertser on #openocd13:00
Ace_fusesoc pgm worked13:00
Ace_for flashing the actual image13:01
_franck__quartus uses its own usb-blaster driver13:01
_franck__openocd uses open sources ones13:01
stekernI think there might be a problem if you try to use both of them at the same time13:05
Ace_but the correct workflow is to first program the fpga using fusesoc and then switch over to openocd in order to run the debugger?13:08
_franck__Ace_: exact13:08
Ace_Turns out i misspelled one of the configure options to openocd. That's three hours I won't get back... Thanks for the help13:45
GeneralStupidi think that the tools are really bad in that whole fpga thing14:07
GeneralStupidi know that place & route is a highly complicated task... But there need to be better tools :)14:08
juliusbFPGA job at CERN if anyone is interested:
GeneralStupidhow do they pay? :-D14:40
GeneralStupidi mean, get out of europe as long as you can :)14:40
mafmblueCmd: any update on the GCC situation?14:46
blueCmdmafm: nope, the guy fell ill but is recovering, so I'm waiting for him to regain his strength14:55
mafmblueCmd: oh dear, this is like the neverending story :-/16:40
juliusbGeneralStupid: maybe they'll pay you in Swiss francs? :)16:57
juliusbthose wages aren't too bad actually, however I imagine it's not cheap to live in Switzerland16:58
stekernI reckon you have to divide by 1.5 or so to get a fair comparison (at least compared to finland)17:08
ysionneaufpga job at NIST:
GeneralStupidjuliusb: but it may be stable :)18:20
ysionneaucf la vidéo :518:26
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