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_franck__olofk: I don't have a de0 nano but it seems like a lot of people have 0x020f30dd as JTAG ID for this board06:41
_franck__olofk: he says " if I flash sof to the board It works fine", strange06:44
_franck__why do I received a bounce saying " To:, 402 Local User Inbox Full ( 4,20000,19999" while answering kyle and the mailing list ?07:07
_franck__what the hell is that address ?07:07
olofkysionneau: Haha. Yeah, I started looking at it at least08:11
olofk_franck_: Ah ok. So it could be different IDs for different revisions of the board perhaps08:11
latifhi everyone.. have a nice day... I wonder if someone can give me a bootrom.s code for atlys board which is compatible for ORPSOC-V3?? I could not managed to boot openrisc from SPI flash and I think the problem is the bootrom.v file.. Because I get it by using the bootrom.s file in ORPSOC-V2..19:39
bandviglatif: here is mine:
latifbandvig : is it for atlys right?? if so how did you obtain it?? I mean, do you have also a bootrom.s  for orpsoc-v3??20:06
bandvigit is bootrom.v for atlys20:10
latifbandvig: thank you so much man. I really need it.! Appriciated..20:13
bandvigsources: bootrom.S ( and appropriate board.h (
latifbandvig: thanks again.. that s really so nice..20:19
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