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olofkWow! A new mor1kx pipeline05:53
juliusbbandvig: looks interesting...08:36
juliusbbandvig: what's its status? is it running a bit yet? ... aand, would you like to come and talk about it at ORCONF this year?08:38
bandvigjuliusb: Please, find answers on your questions in I prepared 3 txt files with some descriptions.08:45
bandvigjuliusb: Pipeline is operable. Today its performance is bit lower than CAPPUCCINO’s.08:50
bandvigjuliusb: But size even smaller than CAPPUCCINO’s with same configuration due to removing extra forwarding logic, pipeline control logic and blocking debug unit (that should be re-designed).08:50
bandvigjuliusb: I’m not planning to visit ORFCONF at list till complete the MAROCCHINO.08:56
ysionneautoo bad, orconf is *really* cool :)09:40
stekernbandvig: cool stuff!11:05
juliusbbandvig: sounds great! Although, regardless of whether it's complete, you're still very much welcome to join and give us a progress report15:49
juliusbbandvig: where are you based?15:49
bandvig_juliusb: Moscow, Russia19:12
-!- _franck__ is now known as _franck_19:37
bandvig_and thanks for good words and invitation on ORCONF, guys.19:53
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