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kdgwillis their any proper way to build linux the linux kernel for openrisc so far I have had to change a line in the file arch/openrisc/kernel/ from OUTPUT_FORMAT("elf32-or32", "elf32-or32", "elf32-or32")  to  OUTPUT_FORMAT("elf32-or1k", "elf32-or1k", "elf32-or1k") to get it to build. Now when I attempt to run it in the simulator i get various issues such as the GZIP which was an easy fix but I also recieve other errors18:16
kdgwillIs their a more straightforward way to build the latest linux kernel for openrisc?18:16
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stekernkdgwill: try
kdgwillyes I just tried it it seems to work with no issue at all20:26
kdgwillinterestingly enough. Thank You; out of curiosity can I ask the reason why the linux kernel taken from does not build correctly? their seems to be a large difference in the directory tree for openrisc of the two20:28
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