IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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juliusbORCONF is go!17:57
olofkOh no! I can't come to orconf. It's the same date as the ClosedCISC conference18:37
stekernI might seriously not be able to make it :(18:51
stekernwife has a work thingy that weekend18:51
stekernI'll see if I can arrange something and come mid-day saturday and leave early sunday18:52
stekernthen I'll not miss the most important thing, beers on saturday evening ;)18:54
olofkstekern: Really hope you can make it. Otherwise I will be completely lost somewhere in the Alps without your Windows phone :)18:59
stekernheh ;)19:01
olofkI would miss you without your phone as well19:03
stekernyeah, I really looked forward to the yearly hanging out19:11
ysionneauClosedCISC :D21:11
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