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olofkblueCmd: Ah yes. I think there is a bug that reports the two first transactions as invalid.10:29
olofkyep. Someone (I?) should file a bug report for that10:49
olofkstekern: I'm planning to add some basic qip support for the FuseSoC quartus backend, and I see that there already is something like that in the qsys parts. Do you remember the flow here?13:38
blueCmdolofk: simple enough13:41
blueCmdI'll do some more validation testing with an actuall DDR3 controller is my plan, then I'll probably try it out in real world, if it works I might look into adding bursting13:42
blueCmdI have no plans for AXI -> WB at this point, I see limited reasons to use it (DMA and using AXI based CPUs comes to mind)13:43
blueCmdolofk: do you think that's feasible?13:43
blueCmdoh right, and implement my own axi4-lite -> axi4 converter instead of the Xilinx one I use today.13:44
blueCmdthat should allow wb_intercon to be able to connect any axi4-lite and axi4 memory/peripheral to a Wb interconnect13:44
olofkblueCmd: Awesome. I like the code13:46
olofkAnd as you say, there is little reason to convert in the other direction13:46
olofkoh well. Actually, there are some use cases for that, but anyway13:46
olofkblueCmd: Looking at the code now. You should drive the clocks in testbench.v instead of setting them with a modelsim tcl script13:55
blueCmdolofk: yes. I'm lazy though13:58
olofkLazy is good13:58
blueCmdolofk: but, since I don't know anything behind the "why". why?13:59
blueCmdI agree that it's nicer, but any arguments?13:59
olofkWell, you probably want to run it in other simulators than modelsim13:59
blueCmdthis specific one, not likely - since it's dependent on compiled sim libs, I haven't researched if it's possible to compile Xilinx IPs to verilator14:00
olofkProbably not, but it should work fine with Icarus14:01
olofkand synopsys VCS, Xilinx ISIM, Xilins XSIM14:02
blueCmdthat's nice14:02
olofkWhich modelsim version are you using btw?14:03
olofkIs it the PE or DE version?14:04
stekernolofk: what do want to know?18:31
GeneralStupidc? Nice i only have 10.,219:01
olofkstekern: How are the qip files created? Are the generated when you run some script with the .qsys file as input?22:17
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