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olofHello, can someone help? How exit from asm program? I use or1k-elf-as <file_name.o> -o <file_name.s> then or1k-elf-ld <file_name> -o <file_name.o>. After all i use "fusesoc sim ..." and that is stop at load words, program in c load and run normally15:15
GeneralStupidstrg c ?15:36
GeneralStupid:) sorry, i dont know15:36
GeneralStupidiam just bored, going home by train atm15:37
GeneralStupidand hate it :) its full or is heavy loaded better?15:38
latifhi all, I am trying to use OrpSocV3 with bootrom.v but it s not working on Fpga.. Anyone can help me or give any idea?? Olofk, hesham, stkern..??18:37
latifI am including bootrom.v to the rom.v and then generated .bit file of  orpsocv3.. Then, I am compiling an easy C code like test witth or1k..then obj-copy and bin2binsizeworld... Then I am generating a mcs file by using orpsoc_to.bit and the ledtest_size.bin.. At the and I am loading it to SPI flas on my atlys board..programming succesfuly..but it is not working...leds didnot ligt up..18:42
bandviglatif: As I remember you tried to do that with orpsocv2. Am I right?18:58
latifbandvig: yes.. you are rigth... It is working with problem.. I am trying to do same with V3 but I could not  :(19:00
bandviglatif: do you use tool chain from orpsocv2?19:03
latifno.. I am using my own-installed toolchain.. I installed it from the webpage..
bandvigfor both orpsocs?19:08
bandvigok, it looks like a problem with SoC orpsoc_to.bit? Are you sure you use latest version of ORSoC components (I don't remrmber how to force fusesoc to update cached cores and run rebuild)?19:18
latifI dont know also.. I have just use fusesoc 2 days ago.. It downloaded the rtl files for atlys and the started to run xilinix.. tjhen it generated the bit file.. after that I add bootrom.v and include it to rom.v and REGENERATED the bit file..19:26
bandvigwell, it looks like you sources are fresh enough. But I use old rtl for all components excluding mor1kx. And perhaps there are hand-made modifications in my local copy of SoC top level. So it could be quite difficult to find your problem.19:32
bandvigAny case, first of all. Could you look in design log (stekern or olofk are able to point right place) and that all time constrains are met?19:39
bandvig Periodically we face with routing proble for 100MHz clock on the board. The workaround is to open atlys/rtl/verilog/include/orpso-defines.v; comment `define VGA0 and rebuild bit file.19:40
latifbandvig: I came accross place and route problem but then I solved it thanks to olofk.. I succesfully generated bit file (I think :) ) ..19:45
bandviglatif: Excuse me. I'm going to sleep. I hope, stekern or olofk continue helping you today. By.19:53
latifThank you sop much bandvig by..19:54
olofklatif: You are using an Atlys board, right?20:06
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