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olofkThinking about installing win7 on a partition on my laptop. Haven't done that before and I'm scared as hell that it will overwrite my existing Linux partitions. Anyone got experience with that?19:21
olofkLast time I used windows (w2k) the normal way was to install windows first. Not sure how that has changed19:21
daliassounds like a bad idea :)20:07
stekernwhy not just run it in a virtual box?21:27
olofkstekern: I bought some games, and they don't seem to run in either wine or virtualbox.21:31
olofkIt's very embarrasing, but some of the games aren't even DRM free21:33
olofkand the stupid DRM program is the one that fails to run under wine. Will not buy again21:34
daliasjust download the cracks21:34
olofkYeah, I could download cracked versions and still have a clean conscience21:35
olofkWhy the hell do they even bother adding DRM to a 13 year old game?21:35
stekernwhat stupid DRM program is that?21:36
olofkI bought a crapload of {Heroes of ,}Might and Magic games21:37
stekernI would've probably gone with dalias advice then...21:46
stekernor tried harder with wine ;)21:47
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