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GeneralStupidi think i want to do an motion detection on the openrisc and on openrisc with special co processors... i just want to detect moving things. I think its very easy, pictute_(i-1) - picture(i) = moving thing (ok, needs some filtering...)07:28
olofkGeneralStupid: Just do it! :)07:31
GeneralStupidwouldnt it easier to use a DFT on both pictures and delta them and use inverted DFT on the result?07:34
stekernGeneralStupid: we had a project in the last year of university that implemented motion detection in an fpga15:35
stekernthe way we implemented it was really simple, we divided the screen into blocks and recorded the average of the pixels in each block15:39
stekernand then compared the previous block array with the current frame15:39
stekernwe had to do it that way because we were memory constrained, but it actually worked fairly well15:40
olofkstekern: Got any keys signed lately?21:50
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