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olofkHmm.. or1ksim doesn't want to load my assembled file. Says it's not an elf14:24
olofkWonder if this is the same problem as with OpenOCD14:24
daliasstekern, can you proofread some musl or1k asm for me? :)14:56
stekerndalias: hit me17:52
dalias <-- new sigsetjmp for all archs; some untested so far17:57
daliaswhat it needs to do is save lr and one call-saved register inside the unused space of the jmp_buf, backup the argument (jmpbuf) ptr inside the call-saved reg it just got...17:57
daliasthen call setjmp17:57
daliasthen restore lr and the call-saved reg it used and tail-call to __sigsetjmp_tail(jb, retval_of_setjmp)17:58
daliasthis is the magic by which i'm making signal mask get restored _after_ siglongjmp jumps back to the saved context rather than before17:59
dalias(the way most systems do it restores the signal mask first, but then under signal barrage you can get unbounded stack usage)17:59
stekerndalias: looks good, I think. The only comment I have is that r16 happens to be our GOT register.18:20
daliasoh. does that matter?18:40
stekernI don't think so, but I stopped an extra second to think if it had any importance that you used the GOT reg there.18:43
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