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daliasdoes this jump-to-entry-point code look ok for or1k?
stekerndalias: as far as I can see, that looks fine03:46
daliasthis code is almost ready to commit03:46
daliashaving to revise and check stuff for all archs was a big pain03:47
daliasbut in the long term it reduces that burden by getting rid of arch-specific code03:47
dalias 35 files changed, 590 insertions(+), 879 deletions(-)03:47
daliasi don't have an or1k cross compiler03:48
stekerndalias: ping me when you have comitted and I can test the or1k changes04:58
daliasstekern, ok04:59
olofkstekern: Awesome! The hand of happiness!06:07
olofkstekern: Is that a combination of a giraffe and an octopus btw?06:08
olofkto the left06:08
stekernolofk: I have to remove the art from my photos, you're not the first to comment about it ;)06:16
daliasstekern, about to commit07:00
daliasjust running one test for missed files07:00
daliasstekern, done07:06
daliaslet me know if or1k broke :-p07:06
stekerndalias: I'll give it a go in the evening07:19
HeshamHi, Is the GPIO base address still 0x91000000?17:24
bandvigstekern: Which role does OpenRISC play in minimig?18:21
stekernbandvig: in this particular soc, it serves as the ctrl cpu18:30
stekernthe original minimig board had a PIC processor as the ctrl cpu18:30
stekernit also had a real 68000 processor18:30
stekernthere are other variants with a second 68k cpu core as the ctrl cpu as well18:31
stekernand someone used a zpu18:31
stekernand the "real" minimig board has switched to some arm processor18:32
bandvigstekern: thanks, interesting18:34
olofkHesham: Yep. It's normally placed at 0x9100000018:44
olofkA guy at work pointed out Mist as well. It's capable of doing Atari ST as well18:44
Heshamolofk: Thanks18:45
olofkThis guy I'm working with is a huge Atari nerd and is building and selling graphic cards for Atari on the side18:45
olofkWhat's even more fun is that another guy in the same room is also a huge Atari fun and has bought one of those graphic cards. What are the odds? :)18:46
ysionneaucan mor1kx do unaligned word read/store?19:37
stekernysionneau: no19:38
ysionneaulet's fix my code then :D19:39
stekerndalias: some initial lightweight testing doesn't show any breakage at least19:42
daliasok if it builds and starts it should be fine19:50
daliasotherwise there's no place for arch-specific breakage19:50
stekernolofk: yeah, I've seen Mist as well, but Atari ST doesn't have that special place in my heart ;)21:14
stekernthis on the other hand:
stekernI've spent an uncountable amount of hours playing elitserien '95 on megadrive21:16
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