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stekernolofk: what? did you give up on the bootloader?02:24
olofkstekern: Naah. I just tried to crowd source it05:52
wallentothe binutils build is broken due to upstream changes07:51
wallentosomething with bfd, zlib and reloc07:51
wallentoadding --with-system-zlib solves the issue07:55
wallentoseems a new thing07:56
HeshamHi bandvig: I was trying to run u-boot on Atlys yesterday, but it didn't work, even when I copied bootrom.v from orpsocv2 to work with fusesoc instead of the current infinite loop. Any hints?09:40
olofkwallento: That sucks. Is this with the binutils from git master?10:31
bandvigHesham: 1st of all read the and check in your wb_intercon.v that ROM uses addresses from 0xf0000100 to 0xf00001ff at least.10:34
bandvigOther potentially useful tricks:10:44
bandvig(1) Compiling anything with NewLIB toolchain use -mboard=atlys in compiler's command line. Perhaps, to add the option you need to modify appropriate Makefile.10:46
Heshambandvig: Thanks. I modified two files according to the issue you indicated. It's synthesizing now. Hopefully this would work.10:51
bandvig(2) After Uboot is compiled: (2a) convert it to bin by or1k-elf-objcopy; (2b) modify the bin by adding size of the bin into begin of it by bin2binsizeword (a tool also from orpsocv2); (2c) load the modified bin into Atlys onboard SPI flash starting exactly from 0x1c0000 (the address is hardcoded in BOOTROM)10:56
wallentoolofk: yes, thats upstream for like four days11:02
bandvigHesham: Check the section "Fixing the bootrom code" from Pay attention that you should include bootrom.v into appropriate place of rom.v and comment any other ROM variants in rom.v11:05
olofkwallento: Good thing I changed the build instructions to use the tar balls instead :)11:05
wallentoyes, already saw that11:05
wallentoI changed the instructions on the newlib port site11:05
wallentoreminder to ourselves: update build instructions when changing tarball :)11:06
bandvigHesham: btw, on the link I entioned above you are able to check your bootrom.v.11:11
Heshambandvig: All steps are followed as indicated thanks. I replaced the existing fusesoc/rom.v and replaced it by the orpsocv2/bootrom.v one with the hard-coded boot loader.11:13
Heshambandvig: This is the line for generating the mcs file promgen -spi -p mcs -w -o orpsoc.mcs -s 16384 -u 0 orpsoc_spiboot.bit -data_file up 1c0000 u-boot-bsw.bin11:16
HeshamWhere should BOOTROM definition exist? In rom.v?11:16
bandvigHesham: I'm not sure tha I understand your question. Have you read the section "Fixing the bootrom code" from ?11:20
HeshamYes. The bootloader should copy from flash memory starting with address 1c0000 right?11:24
HeshamThis should be SPI_BASE?11:25
HeshamNope. So where is this 1c0000 address defined in the code? No such address at the generated bootrom.v11:27
bandvigI don't remember exactly. Either in appropriate board.h or in bootrom.s in source tree of orpsocv2. And 1c0000 isn't SPI_BASE. It is initial address for uboot image inside flash. Pay attention on your promgen command line.11:30
HeshamThanks I got it.11:34
shentinoThis project11:39
shentinosounds like a riscy proposition11:39
HeshamGood u-boot is working now. But I can't type commands.12:59
bandvigHesham: !!! It was almost impossible !!! )))13:20
bandvigHesham: I mean the way to the success was trickly a lot )))13:22
Heshambandvig: Yeah. The problem was that the bootrom code wasn't getting the correct 1c0000 address. Thanks for your help.13:22
HeshamDo you have any idea why I can't type command to u-boot?13:23
HeshamFrom both putty and minicom13:23
bandvigUnfortunately, no ideas :(13:24
HeshamIt was working fine with orpsocv213:25
HeshamAnyway, it's one step closer.13:25
bandvigI'm working under cygwin for compile and run toolchain. And I use TerraTerm (a terminal for Windows).13:28
HeshamAh, I'm not using windows. I'll have to figure out what's wrong.13:32
olofkHesham: We did a rewrite of newlib a while ago. I'm not sure that support for writing to the UART was ever fixed :( wallento, any updates?19:00
Heshamolofk: Support for hardware UART or what? IIRC it was working fine on or1ksim, RTEMS is using UART just fine too and it runs on both QEMU and or1ksim19:13
HeshamI tried to run RTEMS/hello.exe on Atlys a while ago (imitating u-boot), but this failed to output anything19:14
stekernrtems and newlib/libgloss uart drivers aren't related, no?19:15
HeshamNope, RTEMS doesn't use any libgloss stuff19:15
Heshamonly newlib19:15
HeshamBut the implementation is almost the same.19:16
olofkHesham: Ah sorry. s/newlib/libgloss19:16
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