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olofkstekern: I'm having some troubles routing a design here with Quartus. Trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Do you know if the Store buffer is supposed to instantiate a 98-wide 256-deep RAM?09:33
olofkI'm using mor1kx 2.209:34
stekernyes, that might be right10:01
stekernit's 32*3 + 4 + 1 + 110:02
stekernand one less in 2.210:04
olofkLooks like there is something fishy with Quartus 14.1. Builds fine with 14.010:05
olofkHad other problems with 14.1. It crashes a lot10:05
stekernI haven't tried 14.110:06
stekernI noticed that they've dropped cyclone III support in > 13.1 too10:07
olofkAnd Cyclone II, which is a bit annoying since their DDR2 IP uses Cyclone II primitives internally10:13
olofkSo you can't simulate it anymore10:13
stekernheh, really?10:14
olofkAll the more reason to finish up the home-made DDR2 controller10:23
olofkAnyone got up-to-date configure flags for openocd?10:57
maxpalnHi All, does the floating point unit used in fusesoc have it's own repository?11:21
maxpalnI think it should be obvious but I guess I'm not looking in the right place....11:22
imphilmaxpaln, you mean the fpu of mor1kx? it's in the withfpu branch:
bandvigmaxpaln: imphil: the FPU is merged into master ( See comment in the pull request how to activate it. I doubt that fusesoc do these steps automatically.12:43
maxpalnthanks - this is good enough, I can find the code now :-)14:37
stekernbandvig: it actually does half the steps, I added the new files to mor1kx .core description14:51
bandvigstekern: Thank for clarification. As far as I understand, to activate FPU the only thing (s)he to do is to add .FEATURE_FPU("ENABLED") in parameter list of mor1kx istance. Am I right?14:56
stekernand I've tested running mor1kx-generic system with that change, and it worked14:58
olofkstekern: Great. Thanks15:31
olofkWill the next release of mor1kx also feature removed Avalon buses? :)15:32
olofkCool. Running "fusesoc update" works as intended.15:33
olofkmaxpaln: I'm halfway through merging in you wb_bfm changes.15:34
maxpaln:-) - Great!15:52
stekernolofk: you never know, but possibly ;)16:06
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