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stekernpoke53281: nice with the jor1k rtems demo01:10
stekerncool, lk is starting to make some sort of noise with mmu's turned on now01:23
stekernproof that openrisc development is hard and sweaty work:
stekernI just saw this on linkedin, might be interesting for someone:
olofkstekern: Haha. I want your office07:08
olofkAnd I assume that lk kernel is making good noise07:08
olofkI looked at vunit and OSVVM when working for a client who was using VHDL. Never got to try it out though07:10
Me1234Is this OK?07:52
Me1234In the orpsoc.cof file.07:52
Me1234orpsoc.cof from here
Me1234with changed file names.07:54
Me1234 is the script for jic generation.07:56
Me1234Does the FPGA configuration overlap the data to copy to RAM?07:57
Me1234With orpsoc v2 it works. orpsoc v2 is 9781 LEs, orpsoc v3 is 11005 LEs07:58
olofkMe1234: Number of LEs doesn't matter here, but I guess the FPGA image must be smaller than 720896 bytes08:05
poke53281stekern: Sweden is not supposed to have weather in Februrary, were you can sit outside. :)08:08
poke53281stekern: I don't have a clue what I can do with rtems. "help" is the only command, that works.08:11
stekernpoke53281: neither does finland, that's why we escape to thailand in the winter08:12
olofkpoke53281: Yeah. I tried ls, then help. Ended up in the same position as you after that :)08:13
poke53281Especially I would remlove the RT from RTEMS, when running in the browser.08:16
olofkPerhaps EEMS as in Eventually08:18
poke53281stekern: Never was in Tahiland. But it looks like you enjoy it.08:20
poke53281olofk: Also the internet is not really helpful.08:21
poke53281olofk: This one seems to be a sample session08:24
poke53281try "config" or "task"08:32
poke53281I should finally add a scrollback buffer08:32
poke53281But as long as I can't install busybox, it seems pretty useless08:33
Me1234On real hardware (de0_nano) I see that mor1kx loops in bootrom (bootrom.S from orposc v2) for a long time, than jumps to 0x100, And then Illegal instruction exception occurs (0x700).08:57
Me1234On simulator it loops there for time, less than 1ms and then jumps to 0x200.08:58
Me1234I am uploading the vcd file to google drive.08:58
Me1234Simulation vcd file:
olofkMe1234: Cool. I'll take a look at it. Hang in there. We'll get this sorted out eventually :)10:39
stekernMe1234: you get a ibus error on address 0xf000019412:28
stekernhow large is the memory space for your ROM?12:28
Me1234olofk, stekern:I understood it. Again wb_ram size 64 in wb_intercon.conf13:10
Me1234olofk, stekern: Bootrom works with ORPSoC V3. Linux boots.14:07
stekernMe1234: \o/14:13
stekernolofk: well, this kind of noise:
olofkMe1234: Awesome!14:17
olofkstekern: Cool! I love that we can fire up jor1k to show off new software quickly14:18
stekernI think I'll need the restart timer for lk to work properly though14:19
olofkSimilar to the RTEMS issue?14:21
stekernwell, I got from the rtems thread that jor1k only support continous mode, but I use the restart mode in lk14:22
stekernand the clock_tests doesn't work14:22
stekernneither does the thread_tests that uses the timer for timeouts14:23
mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to withfpu:
mor1kxmor1kx/withfpu 194f4bb Andrey Bacherov: More pipelined division14:37
Me1234In what units is wb_ram size?14:46
Me1234I mean paremeter WB_RAM_MEM_DEPTH14:47
Me1234I am confused about that14:48
Me1234   wb_ram_generic14:48
Me1234     #(.depth(depth/4),14:48
Me1234What is current directory when cpecifying relative paths in orpsoc_top.v ?15:52
Me1234I want to make orpsoc-cores with bootrom my computer's paths independent15:53
Me1234Orpsoc with bootrom here now Help me with last asked question.15:58
olofkMe1234: Paths are relative to the tool working directory20:12
olofke.g. build/de0_nano/bld-quartus20:13
olofkSo generally it's ../src/<core>/path/inside/core20:13
ysionneauolofk: any news from matt about NetBSD port to openrisc ?20:20
olofkysionneau: No. Haven't heard back20:26
olofkFor GSoC, I think we already missed the deadline unfortunately20:26
ysionneauhas openrisc ever been picked by google as a gsoc organization?20:36
olofkysionneau: We've never applied20:37
ysionneaugood, you never got refused :)20:37
olofkExactly :)20:37
olofkMe1234: I pushed a basic bootloaders repo to Plan is to add the SPI boot loader here as well20:38
olofkMaybe I should have put the bootloaders under the openrisc org. Well, can move it later21:03
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