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stekerngood work on the auto-builds wallento00:34
stekernolofk: yes, I need to hire a git janitor00:34
wallentoi like the rtems source builder07:54
wallentomaybe I will set up configuration files for all our toolchains with this one07:55
olofkwallento: Cool. I was thinking about modifying musl-cross for that, but I haven't looked at the alternatives08:03
wallentoyeah, as I saw both yesterday, I find rtems source builder much nicer, better modularity clear config file language08:07
olofkI was asked for an eclips plugin yesterday. I know that there is an ancient one somewhere, but does anyone know how much work it would be to make it work?08:32
wallentofor what exactly?09:08
olofkwallento: I assume C development with integrated debugging09:26
wallentodebugging on the target then?09:27
wallentothe most important thing is to never use the eclipse that comes with your distribution09:28
juliusbdoesn't look good regarding openrisc.net09:32
juliusblooks like some cybersquatter has taken it?09:32
olofkjuliusb: I'm planning to take it over once the redemption period has ended09:33
olofkWhich should be one month (+5 days?) after Jan 2609:34
juliusboh cool, I presume you have a plan in place?09:35
olofkIf anyone else would rather have it, go ahead. Just want someone of us to have it09:35
olofkPlanning to point it to github for now09:35
juliusbyeah perfect09:37
wallentoyes, maybe to the landing page?09:52
wallentowhich I am updating by the way09:52
olofkwallento: That was the idea.09:52
wallentoI try to assemble an overview of the tutorials today09:52
wallentoand add one about the rtems port09:52
wallentobut fail with building from upstream atm09:52
wallentohas anyone been working with the de0 nano multicore in stekern's orpsoc repo?10:17
olofkwallento: Not me10:35
olofkWrong window10:58
stekernolofk: do you need some special plugin? isn't a openocd+gdb setup pretty standard?11:06
stekernI recall using some zylin plugin for that with arm many years ago11:07
wallentostekern: should the de0 nano multicore work?12:18
stekernwallento: hmm, think so... it wasn't the board I was working with last though12:20
wallentookay, I will try to debug it. Maybe its also a software bug..12:21
stekernI could have gave it a test ride, but the board is around 8000 km away from me atm ;)12:22
wallentoI can give you remote access to mine :-p12:23
stekernnah, then you'll have no fun debugging it ;)12:31
stekernwhat software are you trying to run on it?12:34
wallentosome baremetal stuff12:46
wallentobut it doesn't start at all12:46
wallentois the debug subsystem identical to the de0_nano system?12:46
stekernumm, no...  wait... I'll check12:47
stekerniirc, the debug is only used to be able to load the memory and reset the cpus12:48
stekerni-e-, the actual debug signals into the cpu's aren't connected12:48
stekern...since there are some changes needed in openocd for that to work12:49
wallentoahh, thanks13:55
wallentoloading works, but controlling not13:55
wallentoI will have at look at this then13:55
stekernI think _franck_ looked at what would be needed in openocd to be able to support multicore debugging, and I don't think it was major14:11
olofkstekern: Ah, yes. That should be a fairly common combination. I could probably find info for some other arch14:15
olofk_franck_: I must have missed that you updated pull request #41. It looks good, but I need to look a bit more and fix the conflicts14:24
wallentoi would prefer connecting to just one of them14:45
stekerni-e-, the actual debug signals into the cpu's aren't connected work, just connect the debug signals to one of them then14:46
stekernI wrote..: that should probably work, just connect the signals to one of them14:47
stekern...and then I fat fingered on the large touchpad14:47
wallentothanks, I will do this for the moment14:54
stekernolofk: related to that... have you got palm rejection working reliably on your asus?14:55
stekernI think I got the tick timer working in lk now (iow exception handling should be ok)14:58
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olofkstekern: The touchpad is in general very sensitive. Pointer moves around when I click18:46
olofkI probably need lost root access to all Unix machines now
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