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olofkDoes the gdbserver for Linux work?10:54
olofkCan we build Linux with other toolchains than newlib, like or1k-linux-musl?11:19
olofkgreat. Thanks11:23
olofkFeels like I have rewritten basically everything on the OpenRISC wiki now12:25
poke53282Put it into the web page from wallento.12:47
olofkBut it would be nice if we could clone the wiki. there's a lot of documentation there and it was a bit scary when was down for some days a while ago13:24
Me1234How can the bootrom be used on de0_nano?14:55
Me1234I am using fusesoc. Bootrom taken from old orposc.14:56
wallentoMe1234: I am not that familiar with the whole building structure, maybe you should send a mail to the mailing list for people who are not onlie15:38
wallentobut basically it is that you need to add the bootrom to the system verlilog top I suppose15:39
wallentoand then add the dependency in the system description15:39
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olofk...once or twice19:09
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