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wallentoolofk: perfect09:25
wallentoI wrap up the building instructions and automate relases09:25
wallentowhat should we do to or1k-src?09:28
olofkwallento: I'd say we keep or1k-src for now until sim and gdb is upstreamed09:32
wallentois sim also in binutils-gdb?09:32
olofkI think so.09:32
olofkNot or1ksim, if that's what you mean09:32
wallentoCan we then rebase the work on top of the official binutils-gdb git?09:33
wallentono, I mean this sim stuff I always disable ;)09:33
olofkCurrent plan is to start by preparing patches and rounding up contributors for sim09:33
olofkMost probably all contributors are already accounted for09:34
olofkstekern started looking into that, but maybe he can need some help09:34
wallentoI will have a look at this also later today, once I wrestled jenkins down09:44
_franck__wallento: gprof is part of binutils right ? do we have any openrisc code related to gprof ? This is an output of or1k-elf-gprof:
_franck__we only have flat profile. No call informations neither a call graph09:59
_franck__I'm not an expert of gprof at all09:59
_franck__I just wondering because I'm fixing gmon file generation in openocd10:00
_franck__of course I could take a look myself ;)10:07
_franck__well, using x86 gprof on the same file doesn't give calls neither10:15
stekernolofk: wallento: I'll not fight tooth and nail to keep that task to myself...10:24
reinoudnite nite10:25
stekern_franck__: I played a bit with gprof and openocd a while back10:25
_franck__stekern: I know, I searched in the backlog to find what we did to make it sample npc without halting ;)10:27
_franck__and I found things in email archive...10:27
_franck__it's good to have several sources for documentation10:28
olofkstekern: Ah ok. I was prepared to offer you a large sum of money to let me handle that task, but if you are ok with it anyway, I don't have to11:03
amsolofk: haha13:41
stekernolofk: how much money are we speaking about here?13:53
olofkstekern: At least enough money for two-year FuseSoC EE license14:06
olofkstekern: If I was to take a look at the sim stuff, do you have anything useful I should build upon?18:49
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