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jeremybennettolofk: Well done with your bugzilla clean up15:09
olofkjeremybennett: Thanks. Hope you are ok with me closing bugs even though they might still exist in the or32 toolchain16:40
aburgessI'm interested in contributing patches to openrisc binutils/gcc, how should the patches be put forward? mailing list, github pull request, something else?16:41
olofkaburgess: We prefer fax16:52
* aburgess digs out the old fax machine ..... wait .... you're joking :)16:53
aburgessI can print out the diffs and post them if that helps...16:54
olofkFor binutils I suppose they should be sent directly upstream. stekern or blueCmd are the official maintainers IIRC so they will have the final word16:54
olofkGCC can be posted to the ml if they might be subject for discussion or as a pull request16:55
aburgessthat's interesting as I'm building binutils using a version off of, though I admit I've not actually looked to see how different from upstream that is16:56
olofkBoth binutils and newlib are upstream now, so except for gdb, we shouldn't have to use or1k-src anymore16:57
olofk(caveat for newlib. There were some issues that were resolved yesterday, so it might be good to wait for newlib-2.2.0-2, or try building from their CVS/git head)16:59
aburgessok, thanks16:59
aburgessw.r.t. gdb, the expected procedure then is to build all but gdb from upstream, and gdb from the repo I mentioned earlier?17:00
aburgessthank you17:02
olofkQuick'n'dirty instructions. You can change the or1k-src to binutils in the first step17:03
aburgessthank you, that looks helpful17:04
poke53282Damn, it looks like someone broke the QEMU openrisc emulation during the last year.21:54
stekernsome generic change that broke the target code?22:01
poke53282I am investigating22:07
poke53282Might be also my poor skills in using git.22:08
stekerngcc testing status, investigating this now:
poke53282looks ugly.22:16
stekernit fails in alpine as well22:16
stekernall my debug prints hasn't made it prettier ;)22:16
poke53282Maybe also responsible for the one failed test in libffi22:16
stekerndoes it do unwind?22:16
poke53282well, I had one problem with a ffi call and a try catch statement. between these calls.22:17
stekernit fails slightly different when I compile it natively in jor1k too22:17
poke53282And try catch is an unwind.22:17
stekernand if I try to cross-compile it without static, it doesn't even invoke the signalhandler (fn5)22:19
stekern(which calls fn5)22:20
stekerntime to sleep on that22:20
poke53282hehe, good night22:20
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