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daliasif you use gentoo, you spend more time upgrading it than using it :)00:50
daliasor at least that was how it looked when my officemate used to use gentoo00:51
daliashe was always sitting around waiting for it to compile00:51
stekernolofk: why aren't you using your zenbook?06:05
olofkstekern: It's in another room :)06:24
olofkdalias: Yeah, I can't argue with that. It's very irritating when you just quickly want to try something out06:25
olofkstekern: Have you found any bugs from the fixed regression tests?06:52
olofkOr has it all been issues with the test cases themselves?07:03
stekernthat is the only "generic" gcc bug07:08
stekernanimation on window minimize/restore must be the silliest "eye candy" there is07:14
olofkYeah, I tink we can blame that on Apple. I remember when Mac OS X was new and all Mac owners proudly showed off their windows animations07:19
olofkIIRC there was even a button you could hold down to make the animations run in slow motion. I'm pretty sure that was only to let the Mac people show off07:21
olofkOf course Compiz raised the bars with wobbly windows that was the default setting on Ubuntu for a while07:21
olofkstekern: What target are you running against? or1ksim, FPGA, jor1k, qemu?07:29
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stekernbah, one of the fails was because I had screwed up a merge conflict07:47 that test file07:48
olofkdalias: I liked your article on threads. It also once again reminded me to never design a C library :)09:06
olofkstekern: If they decide to do a newlib 2.2.1 with proper OpenRISC support I would like to do a snapshot release of GCC, so that we can at least build an or1k-elf toolchain (without gdb) without relying on anything from git. Whaddayathink?09:08
olofkJust discovered that we have automated builds of the or1k-elf toolchain. Thanks wallento :)09:13
olofkI see that 64-bit or1ksim is in the works. That means we just need 64-bit binutils, gcc, C libraries, Linux, bootloaders, RTL implementations and wishbone infrastructure12:25
stekernpiece of a cake12:31
stekernbut a reference sim is imo the right first step12:32
olofkSure. That or a cgen model I guess12:32
olofkBoth make sense, because then you can verify them against each other12:34
* stekern nods in agreement13:11
olofkHow are 64 bit arguments passed to functions?13:30
olofkLooking at bug 10313:30
olofkI guess varargs is involved if that makes any difference13:33
stekernvarargs are passed on the stack13:41
olofkAnd r1 points to the stack?13:46
olofkI'm looking at the asm of the code in bug 10313:51
olofkIt looks like r3 is set up before the call to printf, but why, if it only cares about r1?13:52
stekernthe format arg of printf is not a vararg13:54
olofkah right. there can be other args before a vararg13:55
olofkGet it now13:55
olofkWell, my only conclusion is that the correct value is being passed to printf.13:56
poke53282were is the description of bug 103?13:56
stekernyes, that bug is newlib specific13:57
olofkSounds like a quite severe bug to me13:58
olofkgreping for printf in the source code of a C library.... worst idea ever14:00
poke53282Yes, I can confirm, that musl libc behaves correctly.14:02
olofkok, so the error is probably inside this 1129 line C function that gets translated to 2098 lines of ASM14:54
olofkI'm not sure if my usual approach of using printfs to debug will work here :)15:08
olofkIf I recompile newlib, do I have to compile gcc again as well, or can I get it to pick up my new libc somehow?15:11
poke53282If you just change the printf function, you don't have to compile gcc again.15:13
olofkHmm... can I put in l.nop's with different immediate values to figure out where I am, or will those be removed?15:44
olofk-O0 will keep them I guess, but can I keep them with -O2?15:44
poke53282not sure about the nop's15:46
poke53282but you can add some puts debug message in the code.15:47
olofkIsn't puts in stdio as well?15:48
olofkWhat I mean is that I'm not sure puts is available for me to use here15:49
poke53282yes puts is in stdio15:49
poke53282but it doesn't call printf. And I guess you want to put some nops in the printf function.15:50
poke53282But I don't understand, what the real problem is. You compile a shared or static libc library I guess.15:51
olofkWell, it's in a function called by printf, but I see that stdio.h is included so I should be ok15:51
olofkI guess it's a static one, since it's the bare-metal toolchain15:52
poke53282never used newlib.15:53
stekernolofk: gcc won't touch the asms if you make them __asm__ __volatile__15:59
mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to withfpu:
mor1kxmor1kx/withfpu 213d7b2 Andrey Bacherov: 1) Remove support of FPU ported from OR-1200 project...17:10
stekernhmmpf, I had screwed up my musl toolchain install, so I had an old musl version in there...18:11
olofkstekern: Cool. I'll try that volatile thingie19:01
poke53282stekern: For this kind of work I think the snapshot functionality of btrfs would be nice.19:11
stekernI'm not familiar with that, what does it do?19:14
poke53282freezes the current state of the filesystem and you can revert it whenever you want.19:38
poke53282I guess, you can do it with directories.19:38
poke53282So, when you have a working musl version, you can make a snapshot of this directory.19:39
poke53282This feature doesn't need any additional resources.19:40
olofkpoke53282: There's also "ln -s", "cp -r" and "rm -rf" that can be used for this :)19:53
olofkstekern: You got a defconfig for Atlys? Phy is detected but it's not booting anymore19:57
poke53282yes, but btrfs does this immediately. no waiting time20:03
olofkhmmm... kernel isn't booting in or1ksim either20:07
olofkCrap. If I only had some way to recover my previous .config ... :)20:08
olofkComparing to a working boot, it seems like the boot console is disabled, but ttyS0 is never enabled. Any ideas?20:13
stekernI don't think I do20:25
stekernwhat did you change to brake the config?20:26
olofkI enabled ethernet and ethoc, and then tried to disable all the other stuff that was automatically enabled20:27
olofkBut an interesting thing is that I got several new questions when I ran make afterwards20:28
olofkLike some basic OpenRISC-related questions. Can't recall exactly what it was now20:28
olofkAha! I had saved a working config20:45
olofkYes! Phy found and kernel booting20:51
olofkTime to enable TCP/IP for some real networking20:54
olofkFucking hell! ifconfig works20:55
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