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mithroa long while back I came across someone who was slowly working on creating FOSS FPGA toolchain (working on bitstream generation rather than cores) - anyone seen that?06:38
olofkmithro: There has been a few attempts at that. Maybe you're thinking about yosys?06:50
mithroolofk: I remeber one in Python - but yosys and qflow seem to be further along...06:50
olofksb0 has been working on this too, starting from the bitstream format iirc06:52
mithroIt felt like something the m-lab guys might be into :)06:52
mithroolofk: there was a talk at c3 which I thought was about trying to do a FOSS toolchain for the spartan-6 but it turn out to just be people wanting to do it - not people who had done stuff06:54
olofkmithro: ah ok. I saw something about that. Thought they had done something too07:03
mithroolofk: I didn't watch the video, just read the slides07:04
mithroand looked at their github repos07:04
olofkWell, I guess it's good that people are still interested in this though07:05
olofkPersonally, I'm most interested in an open-source synthesis tool to begin with07:05
mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to withfpu:
mor1kxmor1kx/withfpu f47d4e3 Andrey Bacherov: Replace digit recurrence division by Goldshmidt algorithm. The next stage is merging MUL & DIV pipes to share multiplier.09:14
Me1234How to compile or1k-glibc (what source repositories to be used for gcc, linux, binutils, glibc)?09:48
olofkMe1234: Good question. I'm not sure about the glibc part10:42
ysangkokpoke53282: is it necessary to specify courier as a preferred console font? on my ubuntu system, it looks horrible, and it is very hard to distinguish } and )16:38
poke53282The glibc building scripts are somewhere hidden here:
poke53282But I would suggest to use if you are interested in a toolchain21:16
poke53282ysangkok: Can you send me a image?21:16
poke53282The font selection might be indeed problematic. You should use a monospaced font.21:17
poke53282How does this one look like?21:17
stekernpoke53282: I had to try jor1k on the new laptop that just arrived, I got around 50 MIPS in chrome21:33
stekernno, actually 7021:35
poke53282try firefox21:37
poke53282I test the speed always with fbdemo.21:37
poke53282stekern: Do you have a Haswell CPU?21:38
stekern150 MIPS21:39
stekernin firefox21:39
stekernyeah, a i7 4510U21:39
poke53282Doom with 30FPS :)21:40
poke53282150 is the value I expected. You can get up to 200 on a XEON cpu.21:44
stekernin fbdemo I get 19021:44
poke53282Yes, that's a Core-i7. :)21:44
stekernI wanted to be adventurous and try plasma 5, it's pretty sleek, but not so stable...21:46
poke53282Ahh, on your Laptop, not in jor1k. :)21:48
poke53282For one second I was confused21:48
stekernheh, plasma 5 in jor1k would have been cool though21:49
poke53282Yes, like Firefox21:50
poke53282My guess is, that the new Intel CPUs optimize especially for the code generated by Javascript. Either directly or indirectly (by making boundary checks a no-cost operation)21:57
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