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ytrezaI'm on ubuntu 14.04. I would like to cross compile to or1k. I downloaded the toolchain binaries, But when i try to compile, i says "/opt/or1k-toolchain/libexec/gcc/or1k-elf/4.8.0/cc1: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".07:28
ytrezaI install libmpc but still doesn't compile. Can someone help me please ? Thank you.07:28
olofkjuliusb: Could you update your mor1kx-dev-env to point to the official build instructions? It looks like several people use this as an entry point, but I guess it's a bit outdated11:16
olofkNice guides btw. I haven't looked at them before11:23
olofkI just tried to build upstream binutils 2.25 with only --target=or1k-elf and --prefix=/opt/openrisc. It builds just fine. Does this mean that I won't need all the extra configure options in the build instructions for stage 1 or1k-src ?11:40
olofkCan I for example check if this was built with --enable-shared ?11:41
rahanyone seen this?13:19
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olofkrah: Cool.15:15
olofkI didn't know that the CCC talks were available already15:15
juliusbolofk: sure. which official build instructions, though? maybe I should just delete it and point to the orpsoc-cores guide?16:03
juliusbWhat about this:
juliusbAh I think I should also add a link to fusesoc16:17
olofkjuliusb: The fusesoc/orpsoc-cores repos don't contain very much info16:17
juliusbOK well I'll leave it then, as it will now point to some reasonably up-to-date guides16:18
_franck_olofk: could you please look at my fusesoc pull requests when you have some spare time ?16:51
olofk_franck_: I'm looking at this commit
olofkCan't remember exactly how this was supposed to work, but I get the feeling that this line is for picking up libs in the dependencies of the top-level core21:10
_franck_to be honest, I didnt investigate that much. I just saw there was two times what was needed and so I just fixed it21:11
_franck_not sure that's the good way to do it21:11
olofkMaybe line 44 should be removed instead21:11
olofkI created a monster. I haven't got a fucking clue how this works anymore21:12
_franck_yeah line 44 seems better21:14
olofkCompiling verilator now. I need to do some tests before I decide which line to remove21:20
_franck_of course21:20
olofk_franck_: Found another issue now. FuseSoC complains that it needs SYSTEMC_LIBDIR and SYSTEMC_INCLUDE even when I'm running a regular C++ model21:27
amswoops ..21:28
olofkams: Hey! No cursing in here21:28
_franck_crap, I should have added a "if self.src_type == 'systemC':"21:28
olofk_franck_: Yeah, I think that should be enough. I'll fix that21:28
olofkI just noticed that it's not very easy to figure out where to add the --verbose flag to fusesoc command line :)21:34
_franck_I know, I had to try several times before I found out21:37
olofkI remember you said something like that. I understand you completely now :)21:37
olofkI think I go for removing line 44 instead. Not really sure, but it looks more correct21:37
olofkYep. I tested both now and you patch doesn't work when a dependency needs a lib (like mor1kx-generic depends on elf-loader)21:40
olofkThere is an issue with the other patch in that pull request too. It will fail if the same file name is encountered in several directories21:44
olofkOTOH, I'm not too worried about that. It's better than the current situation where I guess that the log files will not be written at all21:45
_franck_it's worst, it just crash21:46
olofkWhy doesn't it always crash?21:46
olofkah.. all my C files are located in the root dir of their cores21:47
olofkI think the best solution would be to just dump everything in a single file. Right now we're producing a lot of empty files21:48
_franck_FYI, this is my current testing core:
olofkThat is so cool. It's not much code at all to set up21:53
olofk_franck_: Does gcc print the filename for errors and warnings?22:01
_franck_olofk: it's working. Just need to clean/improve/test it.22:01
_franck_olofk: don't remember22:01
olofkI'll do some tests22:01
_franck_next time I'll open issues instead half/not  working pull requests ;)22:02
_franck_sorry for that22:03
olofkNo worries22:03
olofkI'm just happy to have users who want to improve stuff22:04
olofkok, gcc prints out the filename, so I'm writing std{err,out} to verilator.{gcc,g++}.{err,out}.log instead22:05
olofkAnd just appends the prints from all compilations22:05
_franck_ok, I let you work for me. good night22:05
olofkSounds like a plan. Good night :)22:06
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