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poke53282Timidity++ is a damn ressource hungry software. Floating point arithmetic everywhere.16:19
poke53282A one tone midi files needs already 50MIPS.16:20
stekernyou should do straight opl2 emulation instead ;)17:12
poke53282yes, I should extract the emulation from scummvm.17:39
poke53282any other nice audios demos?17:41
poke53282Speech synthesizer maybe17:41
poke53282I am glad that the sound output works so well, relatively speaking.17:58
poke53282In the end I used an altered dummy sound driver. The timing is done correctly in emulation-time and not in real-time.18:00
poke53282But 1 second latency.18:01
ysangkokpoke53282: espeak was used to demonstrate emscripten19:19
matbajHi, Does anybody have already de2-115 running with openrisc soc?19:20
olofkmatbaj: Not that I'm aware of, but I think that other people have talked about this, so there might be something floating around on the internet19:52
olofkFantastic timing19:54
olofkstekern: I see that there's a de2-115 in your orpsocv2 tree on You got the board, or did someone else do this?19:59
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