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stekernI've been pondering about a legal issue for a while, we see corps (i.e. MIPS/ARM) hunting down implementations that clone their ISAs (which still have valid patents)05:52
stekernbut, afaik, the same thing is not happening to emulators/simulators05:53
stekernis that because patents can't expand to software?05:53
stekernand if so, where does the line go? could instruction translation a'la transmeta be interpreted as emulation?05:54 make clear, it's a purely hypothetical question, I have no visions of putting it in practice ;)06:05
poke53282I think one important point is, if you use the patent commercially or not. I am working in resaearch and we don't have a problem to use patented stuff, like algorithms.07:19
poke53282But I simply think, that emulators don't really matter here because they are usually slow and have limited applications. To fight against the community on this level is also a bad idea.07:21
poke53282commercial hardware implementations need a license I would say.07:22
poke53282no matter if it is emulated or not.07:23
stekernyes, but that's was my question, are emulators allowed to exist because of the reasons you said, or because they can't 'fight them' on a legal basis07:31
stekernI remember that sony at least was upset when the first ps1 emulator emerged, since the console was still relevant when it was released, and cheap x86 hardware could be used to obtain same performance as the console07:34
stekernand the interesting follow-up discussion would be, when is hardware hardware?07:36
bentley`emulators of what?07:37
bentley`in the us, emulation is pretty clearly legal07:37
bentley`see sony v. bleem, etc07:37
stekernin this case, cpu ISA/architecture emulation07:38
stekernyes, sony v. bleem was the case I was referring to07:38
bentley`sony v connectix is sort of related (but not actually about emulation)07:39
bentley`same for sega v accolade...07:39
stekernright, so imagine on-chip software emulation of a patented ISA, would that be considered a patent infringement?07:43
bentley`most lawsuits that were ruled in favor of emulation were copyright related, not patent related...07:45
bentley`i would ask an ip lawyer :P07:46
stekernyeah, I'm not expecting legal advise here ;)07:46
bentley`i can't think of any patent related suits07:46
bentley`copyright and trademarks are both basically fair game if it's for interoperability purposes07:47
bentley`(the trademarks part comes from sega v accolade)07:47
bentley`scalia made an interesting dissent in the aereo case07:50
bentley`basically pointing out that the supreme court nearly made the vcr illegal (5-4 against)07:50
bentley`and that we should be cautious about labeling things as ip infringement that would cause damage07:51
olofkIs column width always equal to the number of address pins on a DDR2 IC?09:56
ysionneauI have a DDR1 datasheet here where this is not the case10:17
ysionneaubut the row width is equal to the number of address pins in this case10:18
olofkah ok. I mean row then10:18
ysionneaufor the rows I would think so, but I'm not sure, I only worked with sdram and ddr1 so far10:23
olofkI'm so looking forward to when serial connections to memories become more common, like Hybrid Memory Cube. I'm sick and tired of this DDR junk11:05
olofkstekern: Did you have a mor1kx qsys wrapper somewhere?11:07
LoneTecholofk: sadly, that's being vindictively restricted using a patent11:07
stekernolofk: uhmmm, yes, I should have somewhere11:08
stekernnot entirely up-to-date though11:10
olofkLoneTech: That's sad to hear. I was hoping for a revolution in memory connections here :(11:11
olofkstekern: A colleague of mine who used to work on the LEON stuff was home yesterday and played around with OpenRISC.11:14
olofkI will convince him to FuseSoCize it. Bemicro SDK is a cool little board. I wanted to get one11:14
stekernI have the industrial ethernet version of that here on my desk11:16
stekern...unfortunately it's loaded with an fpga image I don't have, so I don't want to tamper with it11:17
olofkah cool11:21
stekernhmm, is he using the avm interface?11:22
stekernmaybe a warning about that might be in place... it's not thoroughly tested11:22
olofkstekern: Haven't looked, but that would make sense since he's doing it Altera style11:23
olofkYeah. I'll tell him :)11:23
olofkArrow sells the boards for $74, so I assume that the work spent on the unknown FPGA image is a bit more than that :)11:23
olofkSo I wouldn't touch that one either11:24
stekernI appreciate if he want to be adventurous and report problems, but a safer bet is probably to use the wb2avalon cores11:24
olofkI'll tell him that11:25
olofkI was considering using that too, but I got a bit scared by some of the comments11:25
olofkHow would I know which burst modes to use?11:25
stekern...the only reason they are there is because I fatfingered a push and pushed the wrong branch11:25
olofkYou could remove them for the 4.0 series11:25
stekern(the avm interface I mean)11:25
olofkI assumed that11:26
stekernyeah, I have considered doing that11:26
olofkI'm a bit annoyed by the dangling pins warnings I always get from the AVM IF11:28
stekernolofk: what that comment is saying is "you don't know what burst modes to use, so we don't use burst but pipelined transfers instead"11:38
stekernor at least that's what it is supposed to say ;)11:38
olofkah ok. I was a bit stressed out when I read it, so I backed off. It was my plan B anyway11:39
olofkMy home-made DDR2 Controller works now, so I didn't have to use the bridge + ALTMEMPHY11:40
olofkAt least it works in simulations with a different part than what's on the board.11:40
olofkThe first board burned up before I got a chance to try it on HW11:41
stekernsmoketest success?11:44
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olofkok, so it looks like my Altera Blaster is broken. Would it be possible to use the DE0 NAno as a JTAG adapter?21:10
olofkThe idea would be then to just route the pins from the internal JTAG adapter to some I/O pins and hook that up to my board21:11
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