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wallentostekern: i started to work on the accessed/dirty flags in TLBs10:16
stekernwallento: great, hopefully our changes won't clash too much ;)10:34
wallentoyes, I hope the same. if you have a minute, can you please roughly summarize the huge vs. normal tlb thing?10:36
wallentoI essentially understand that we can have Level 1 Pages, that are larger. the tlb can therefore hold such entries and we need dpram to check for both. The huge tables get precendence and tlb_huge is set when we found a level 1 tlb entry10:42
wallentois this correct?10:42
wallentobut the huge entries are only written by the hw tlb reload?10:43
wallentoah, I see, I can of course also set the entry with spr10:44
wallentookay, that means the history flags need to be updated for both styles10:44
stekernmmm, but the dirty and accessed bits are only relevant for hw reload anyway11:37
stekern...or is it...?11:45
wallentono, the OS can also use them11:52
wallentofor swapping11:53
wallentowhat does the hw tlb reload do with them?11:53
wallentoi think it is transparent to the reload11:53
wallentoat the moment there is not field in xMMUCR or similar that contains the number of fields, correct?11:54
stekernyeah, I realised that the OS can explicitly clear the flags and then be interested if the page currently in cache was accessed again11:56
stekernwhat number of fields?11:59
wallentoeh, ways, sorry12:01
stekernit's in the NTW field in xMMUCFGR12:09
wallentoah, okay, thanks!12:19
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olofkstekern: Nice work with releasing the multicore stuff22:14
olofkDo you have any simulation setup you can push to orpsoc-cores?22:14
olofkFor multicore22:15
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