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polysomeHello I have some questions regarding the OpenSPARC T119:00
stekernpolysome: I'm not so sure anyone here has any indepth knowledge about it19:23
polysomeWhere should I go do you think ?19:24
olofkpolysome: Neural networkson FPGA? :)19:38
polysomeThere are hardware machine learning modules yes, but a lot of additional ip19:39
olofkDoh. Modelsim handles %d in $value$plusargs as a signed 32 bit int, which means that my timeout value maxes out at 2^31-1 picoseconds19:44
olofkI wonder if this is because the free version is only 32 bit19:44
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olofkModelsim! You will NOT get anything for christmas. You've been bad!19:49
olofkNow it exits with FATAL ERROR: Unable to read lock file necessary for use of uncounted nodelocked license. Exiting.19:50
olofkIt's probably run out of temp disk space or something, but with these fucking proprietary programs, you have no chance of finding out19:51
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olofkOk, so the winbond memory models are not only encrypted, but also only work with NCsim20:15
stekernI've been working with modelsim all this and past week, and I'm not buying anything for it for christmas neither21:05
stekernmy biggest grudge have been uninformative error messages though21:07
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